Let’s Rock The World

Denpasar, Tuesday, 10 May 2011

So, how are ya today, guys? Hope you guys fine. And now i’m fine too. Hey, guys, I REALLY WANNA ROCK! What are you talking about? I dont get it. Not important. But, i’m happy that i know, ma fave music always here beside me. Owh yeah!! So, what’s in the future? I think i see happiness. This is for me, this is for you, this is for all the people that i love, this is for this beautiful world.

Mmmm. Now, who wants to sing for me? I have a lot of requests. Or, do you want to singing with me? La La La La La La La La La La La La. OMG, i really wanna sing out loud. Singing what inside ma heart. Singing what is in ma head. Hoo!

Just let your music come out. Just show your music is real. Just show that MUSIC IS FUN. Hahahaha. OMG, i cant live without music. OMG, i love music. (\m/). Hehehehe.

Shit Dude !! (\m/),



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