Denpasar, Wednesday, 28th December 2011

Now just watch : 2 Fast 2 Furious (again). There also my novel, there also my mobile, there also my water. Why the weather so cold?? Why always rain??

Going somewhere. Lately rarely. Just remember on last Monday. Going going going. Nice trip to that mall. Nice ice cream. Nice view. And dont forget the food at those place. :p. Thanks, i really enjoy it. If next time again, i think its okay. Haha.

Whats on my mind?? How about study italian language?? Difficult, or easy?? Let’s try. You first.

You : Buongiorno
Me  : Buongiorno
You : Si
Me  : Grazie
You : Addio
Me  : Ciao

Hahahaha. Percakapan apaan tu. Masa segitu aja ya? Oke, gapapa. Kita masih belajar. Next, kita lanjut ke angka. Mari berhitung, yuks marie. :p.

1 : Uno
2 : Due
3 : Tre
4 : Quattro
5 : Cinque
6 : Sei
7 : Sette
8 : Otto
9 : Nove
10 : Dieci

Hahahahaha. Kayaknya its okay. Good job!!

But, for my next fave song i think : International Love by Pitbull & Chris Brown. It just cool. Haha.

Slowly but surely,





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