November Dawn

Denpasar, Wednesday, November 21st 2012

Yeah yeah yeah. I’m already here. What would you say for now, Bon? I said : i will keep writing. Hahahaha. Let’s start with our November. It’s close to December. Then, new year 2013. Wow, 2013. Can you imagine? The world is moving so fast. Whatever will happen, hope God always bless us. Astungkara.

I’m talking about my new job. It’s about being a receptionist at those gym in that hotel. Sounds cool. Prepare for my new skirts, my new make up, my new sandals, my new friends of course. I met her, and the others on couple days ago. Hope we will have a good team work together. Yeay. I have my magazines for November too. With my friends, going to Echo Beach, Beachwalk. But, i really want to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. Hahaha. When? Okay, maybe next time. Also, went to Gus Bram’s school to walk him. I miss my friends. I miss writing. And i miss you. Hehehe.

What’s new? Nothing. The weather is still hot. Rainless. Haha. It’s crazy hot in Bali, friends. Can you bring the rain back to us?? Are you kidding me? Difficult. Talking about the breaking dawn, i still not finish read the novel yet. What should i do? I have to watch the movie. Yes, i have to. Haha. I miss to see Kristen Stewart. I like her. Beautiful and talented.

Breaking Dawn — Forever,



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